Wedding Photography and Packages

Our philosophy is that your wedding photography should not be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding.  We strive to document your wedding so years from now you can look back and remember this special day.  We do not have pricey packages with pictures and sizes you do not want.  We strive to provide you packages, options and à la carte pricing, so you get what you do want, all at very affordable prices. All prices are subject to applicable state, county, and city taxes, which will be computed with the final invoice.

Why choose us?

You might ask why choose us, well here are some of the many reasons.  When checking with other photographers be sure and ask these questions:

How long will it take to get my photographs?  Most will tell you weeks or even months, we strive to deliver your finished photographs for viewing within days, not weeks.  While we cannot guarantee this we often can begin deliver of online copies for viewing within 24 hours or less.

Do I get a discount for pre ordering pictures?  Most photographers will not discount anything, we on the other hand offer sizable discounts if you pre order certain sizes, you don’t have to specify which pictures, just that you will be ordering a certain number of a certain size.  This can really cut down expenses if you have a number of people that you have to send pictures to.

Will my pictures be edited or retouched?  While this varies from photographer to photographer, most will only retouch and edit the “brides album” pictures or not at all, and many do not do there own work, and send it out.  We do all of our own work, and we edit every picture you are given.  We carefully crop, exposure correct, color correct, fix red eye, and for all pictures with the bridal party correct and blemishes, or problems that we find. I don’t know of anyone that does that, at anywhere near our prices.

But what separates us even more, is that most brides cannot afford a wedding coordinator, but all weddings need one.  Some will use the DJ but many have no one to advise the bridal party.  We offer this service for a very small fee.  We will help you plan and coordinate your wedding prior to the event, and the day of, make sure that it moves alone and everyone knows there parts.  Things like when is the toast, cake cutting, should we have a receiving, line, how is the receiving line set up, and the list goes on and one.

Basic Package:  Minimum of three hours of photography, covering a single location wedding ceremony and reception.  You will be able to choose from 250-300 color and exposure corrected still photos.  Duplicate images are kept to a bare minimum.  You will be provided with a photo checklist so any important pictures you want are guaranteed to be taken.  What you will not get is 20 repetitive pictures of the bridal bouquet or photos that do not meet the highest industry standards.  The photos will be available within 14 days for you to order copies, at that time you can order a CD of all the pictures.  We will sit down with you and go through your order so you get exactly what you want.  There are no preset packages of photos you do not want.

The Basic Package is $800, and each additional hour is $225.  There is only 50%  down due at contract signing, with the remainder due on day of the wedding.

Brides Package:  Includes 4 hours of a photographer, an unlimited photo booth , a CD of all the images (320 px jpeg format), 50 4×6 images of your choice (you may substitute other sizes, 4 4×6 = 2 5×7 or 1 8×10).  This package compares to others photographers for $3000, and up.  This package is only $1495, plus any location charges and additional options.

Brides Premium package:  All of the Brides Package, plus the Bridal Album option, and a 3-5 minute slide show (length will depend on music chosen of your favorite 24 photo from the wedding to your choice of music.  This package is only $1895, plus any location charges and additional options.

Bridal Album option:  This is our most asked for option.  When combined any package, you get a beautiful bond 20 page album of your favorite 50 photos from the wedding.  This option is $395, each additional two page beyond the 20 can be purchased at $50.

Video option:  Our most popular option, have a video of the ceremony or reception or both, shot in HD video, fully edited with music you used during the ceremony, all at affordable prices.  You will receive a DVD suitable for playing on any DVD player or computer system.  All of this for $300 per 15 shooting minutes.  A typical ceremony is one hour, yielding a video of approximately 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes of shooting video, yields about 5 minutes of final video. The Video option can be purchased separately for $500 per 15 minutes.

Brides Video Option:  This includes the Brides Package, plus the video option of 30 minutes of shooting video, with additional video available for $200 per 15 minutes. 30 minutes of video will normally generate a final video of about 10 minutes.This package normally would be $1895, but when purchased as a package you get it all for only $1695, plus any location charges.

Location Option:  If your wedding spans more than one location, that is not a problem.  If the two locations are less than 5 miles apart, there is no additional charge.  If the distance is more than 5 miles there is a small additional charge (okay, at over 3 dollars a gallon for gas, we had to add a small charge).

  1. Second location within 25 miles – $75
  2. Between 26 and 75 miles $125
  3. Beyond 75 miles – negotiable
  4. Destination weddings – negotiable

Preorder option:  This is a unique option only offered by us, as far as I know.  Sit down with us and preorder your photos at a 30% discount, from our wedding published prices.  This must be done 60 days prior to the wedding ceremony.

Engagement Option:  You can save a bundle when you book your engagement photo session with your wedding package. You will receive one half hour photo session, with a minimum of 5 poses with 2 outfit changes, at any one of our nearby locations, or in our studio. You receive a CD of web (320 px jpeg) ready images, an 8×10 and two 5×7 fully corrected and edited images of the best pose, and you can order an unlimited number of additional prints of any of the images from our ordering web site for up to s months. If booked separately this package is $250.  But if booked with the wedding, you save 50%, and only pay $125.

Boudoir Option:  That special gift for the future bride to give to the groom.  The boudoir option for wedding packages is becoming more and more popular.  The session is conducted in a location of your choice, and lasts about 1 hour.  You receive a CD of web ready images, three 8×10  edited images of the three best poses, and you can order an unlimited number of additional prints of any of the images from our ordering web site. A boudoir shoot is normally $600 if booked separately but if purchased as part of a package, is only $300, plus cost of location.

Coordinator Option: Let us help you before and during the wedding in the planning.  We will go over all the traditional parts of a wedding, decide what you want done, make up a time schedule to follow, remind those responsible for certain actions, and watch the flow of the wedding so there is no lag time.  We will even coordinate with the catering staff to make sure you wedding is the best that it can possible be.  This option is only $150, and if you choose two other options, it is included at no additional charge.


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